MBSR and Mindfulness: Self-Care in a Post COVID World

Updated: Apr 4

As light is appearing at the end of the COVID tunnel and the spring season upon us, many of us are experiencing mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation about the prospect of life opening up again. On one hand, the vaccine and reviving communities brings new hope and optimism for the arrival of relative normalcy back into our lives. Simultaneously, we’re grieving losses, entertaining "bad" habits, experiencing effects of long-term social isolation, and even symptoms of anxiety and depression. We’re faced with the prospect of facing who we have become after all this time; what we’ve chosen to do with our time and how we have been showing up to our families, friends, work, society and to ourselves. We may evaluate or judge how we have or have not “progressed,” amidst all the challenges experienced.

During this pandemic period, many people took advantage of quarantine imposed free time to discover new interests, hobbies and aspirations that will stick around long after the pandemic is over because these were personal anchors in uncertain times – and hold true meaning. Others quite understandably needed to find distraction as a means to escape the harsh realities – loss of loved ones, livelihood, homes and relationships - manifesting in the formulation (often subconsciously) of behaviors and habits that would likely be deemed “unhealthy” to sustain in the long term. For most, this was not a choice, for the pain was too much. There is no right or wrong, and we did what was needed at the time, to survive.

On the precipice of a new post-COVID world, we have a unique and potentially life changing opportunity to pause, step back, and examine who we are right now, after having lived through this dark period. In the process, you may discover harsher, more disturbing realities. Instead of beating yourself up, seek to accept that what is seen is valid – as are you. Only then can you see more clearly what it is you control and not control and how to proceed. There is much to be learned and authentic growth is possible if there is interest, intention and courage to see.

This upcoming 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class is an invitation to participate in a thorough investigation of life in this very moment. Through practices of formal and informal meditation (sitting meditation, mindful movement, reflection and mindful communication exercises) you will be a primary investigator and examine your present moment experience; record data, reflect, share, and most importantly, embrace everything that shows up with kindness, trust and knowledge that this powerful act of self-care will open up new meaningful opportunities to grow and live authentically.

For more information/ to register for MBSR class orientation on 4/21, please visit https://www.renewmindfultherapy.com/mbsr or contact me: alison@renewmindfultherapy.com

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