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You cannot control the results, only your actions.

Alan Lokos

Do you have some idea what you want to do but struggle with getting started? Therapeutic coaching is a great choice when you have a goal in mind and could benefit from receiving the therapeutic support and accountability of a trained therapist to help make a plan and stick to it. Whether you are trying to lose weight, move into a new career, or find a new relationship, you will be assisted to identify meaningful, realistic and attainable goals, create specific steps to achieve them, and identify potential obstacles to getting there so you can move forward and achieve your dreams. 


Why is it so hard to find your life's purpose?

Do you find yourself questioning your life's purpose? You are not alone. In today's modern age, we have become busier and busier with jobs, engagements, and maintaining social media presence, and less connected to each other and our own unique purpose in life. We feel scattered and wonder if we should be doing things differently, doing more, or if we have made the right decisions about our career path or life partner.  Some use social media as a way to create a unique persona, a virtual identity of sorts, portrayed to the world, but this may not be an accurate reflection of how we are actually living. One way social media can be helpful is that it often does reflect our inner values and interests, even if things look different on the outside. Whether it be pictures of culinary adventures, nature, pets, or travel to far off places, these are a representation of important values and a framework for formulating purpose. 

One important first step in finding your life's purpose is to step back and observe all that surrounds you. Look over your furnishings, your collection of books and music, your Instagram feed, the degrees you have earned, the flowers that you bought this morning. Don't discount anything that exists in your life in this moment, from the type of chair you are sitting on, to the company that you keep throughout the day. If you do not feel in line with what is around you, like something is out of sync, then take note. No need to change anything right now, just simply observe and resolve to take an important step forward and commit to a process of self-discovery. As paradoxical as it may seem, all of your thinking and worrying could be a symptom of disconnection with your inner self that is calling you to turn inward and pay attention. Create space for insight and true purpose to arise, through meditation, therapy, and full engagement in activities that nurture your interests. If you are reading this right now, you are at least curious and that is a beautiful starting place. Check out the resources page for recommended reading materials and meditation recordings on the mindfulness meditation page.  Schedule a therapy session today as you continue on your journey of self-exploration.

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