Renew Mindful Therapy


Offering mindfulness-based psychotherapy, groups/workshops, and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) 8-week course to help you improve self-awareness and create meaningful change. Live life to the fullest and achieve your true potential!


Offices in Downtown Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan.

Specialty areas:

Adults and Young Adults

Depression and Anxiety

Stress Management

Low Self-Esteem

Therapeutic Coaching

Personal Growth

Life Transitions

Career Coaching

Loss and Grief

Sexual Orientation/ Identity

Relationship Stress

Pain Management

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse


I will meet you where you are on your healing journey — offering understanding, empathy, and encouragement.


Groups/ Workshops: Mindfulness is really just a fancy term for living in the present moment. We can choose to be mindful. 


8-Week Class: Learn practical ways to manage stress and discomfort and gain renewed energy and enthusiasm for life.

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