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MBSR Course Reviews

"I recommend the class because it provides real tools and insights in dealing with stress and anxiety. Being new to meditation practices myself, I learned much more about different meditation practices as well as the mindset of observing our emotions and feelings without judgement. Beyond that, the additional reading materials and video were well-curated and really resonated with me. I appreciated Alison’s warm energy and kind insights; during in-class sharing I felt heard and valued, as were all of the participants."   

"I feel that I have another way “in” to meditation, one which enables me to embrace the moment, to acknowledge what is happening physically and mentally, so that I can release into these and move inward. I have more confidence, through practice over the course of these weeks, that I am growing a “skill set” which I can tap into."  

"I feel that this program was not only an important part of the growth that I was looking for as a human being, but a necessity as a resident of NYC. The class is for those who want to improve their quality of life with simple tools that can be applied just by training yourself to take time out to be mindful. The techniques lead to getting to know who you really are and how to grapple with things you may not like to hear. I highly recommend this MBSR class to anyone who wants to learn how to be mindful of everyone and everything around them, starting with you." 

"I appreciated the approach Alison took to teach the 8-week MBSR class, which happened to take place during a very stressful time at work. I utilized the skills I was learning on a daily basis. It helped me understand how to absorb the stress and turn it into positive thinking. Toward the end of the class, my situation had improved and a swear I can attribute it to sending positivity out to the universe and getting a reward in return." 

"I felt comfortable and respected throughout the course, and felt like my voice was heard with empathy and compassion while not being rushed. Even during strange virtual circumstances (Zoom), I still felt a sense of community and connection with everyone." 

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