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Do you feel unsure of your purpose in life? Are you unsatisfied with the direction your life is going or the quality of your relationships? Do you have goals or aspirations and struggle with getting started? The good news is you already have what it takes to be happier — your inner self already knows what is best for you, but it gets clouded over by mind chatter, negative thinking, and old reactive behavior patterns that are holding back your progress. 

I always knew I wanted to be a therapist from a young age. I loved listening to people, knowing their struggles, relating, and offering my support and suggestions. I grew up playing the harp and piano and often played and listened to music to soothe myself during difficult periods in my life. Music was my medicine and I decided early on that I wanted to pursue a career path that would bring together my two passions — music and therapy — to benefit others.

Over the last 17 years I've worked in a variety of clinical settings — from music therapy in schools with children experiencing developmental challenges to providing career coaching with veterans transitioning back to civilian life. The vast majority of my experience has been providing psychotherapy and rehabilitation services with adults in outpatient mental health settings — hospitals, non-profit agencies and corporations. Most recently, I managed the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Employee Health and Wellness Program at Bronx VA Hospital. I'm currently working in the corporate setting providing counseling support to employees across the US. I employ a solution-focused, strengths based model of therapy with clients, emphasizing resilience to promote positive change. 


I am inspired every day by my clients who are doing their best to transition through difficult periods, grow, and achieve their personal and professional aspirations. There is much to be gained by reaching out for help and connecting with a therapist who is there for you, willing to listen without judgment, and understands that your healing journey is your own.

A long time meditator, fitness enthusiast and avid runner (RRCA certified running coach), I strongly believe in a holistic approach to therapy that emphasizes the mind-body connection and mindfulness practices to encourage increased self-awareness, self-acceptance and compassionate engagement with the world.

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** NOTE: I am not accepting new individual therapy clients at this time. Please inquire to learn about upcoming mindfulness meditation workshops, MBSR 8-week course, or to schedule a workshop or presentation.

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